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Zares is a 3D measurement machine that offers the best technology for accurately measuring cnc tools in the stone and glass industry. With a full 3D scan hi-accuracy measurement (taking less than 10 seconds!), Zares provides detailed information on cnc tool profile geometrical tolerance, eccentricity, ovalization and rotational wobbling.

Zares is also able to:

  • manage all tooling brands:  ADI, Diamut, Nicolai, Tyrolit, Zares, etc.
  • Interfacing CNC Machines: BACA, BBM, Breton, CMS Brembana, Denver, Intermac, Northwood,  Park Industries, Poseidon, etc.
  • interfacing CAM software: Alphacam, DDX Easystone, Pegasus, Taglio, etc.
  • Autoalign feature and the ability to preview and simulate what your stone edge will look like before tooling has ran.
  • ToolSet and CNC tool reports showing concentricity issues, tool wearing , tool abnormal comsumption with 360° 3D tool shape tolerance scan in less than 8 seconds!

The Zares patented feature OptimizeRemoval® automatically optimizes your tool set, transmitting the optimized tool info directly to your CNC machines. Zares generates real-time reports and reminders to help maintain your tools, extending their lifespan and improving machining results and production efficiency. Zares is the expert you need in your company because its software contains all the state-of-the-art knowledge needed for the stone industry.


Absolutely thrilling news! In our unwavering commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional solutions, Zares technology is delighted to announce the expansion of its offerings. Enter the world of Zargas® cnc tools and cones, exclusively sourced by us, alongside our state-of-the-art measurement solutions. Our dedication to innovation and meeting customer needs has culminated in the development of Zargas® cnc tools and cones, now equipped with an enhanced, backward-compatible 1/2” gas Zares patented mount.


Embark on an experience offering more than triple the working speed, a vibration-free operation, and superior final quality – all at the cost of traditional 1/2” gas cnc tools. Step into the future of efficiency without exceeding your budget. The transformative difference awaits your trial! Elevate your cnc tools with Zargas®redefining the benchmark for performance.


Zares is the pinnacle of 3D CNC tools measurement technology for the stone industry.
With more than 20 years of experience and its award-winning design, Zares, featuring a robust steel structure, excels in demanding environments, ensuring unparalleled reliability.

Anyone who has a Zares will be able to dramatically reduce costs and lead times, significantly increasing the quality and production efficiency.



  • Best of Product & Best of Technology. Specially designed for the stone and glass industry
  • Fastest and accurate worldwide system: full 360° 3D tool profile scan in less than 8 seconds with automatic profile alignment
  • Universal CNC Stone Tool Presetting. Automatic tool Profile Generation and Alignment (no DXF files needed)
  • Telecentric lens calibrated up to 1 micron!
  • Full CNC machine integration and Toolset management system (first worldwide system able to interface with Baca, BBM, Brembana, Breton, Intermac, Northwood, Park Industries, etc.)
  • Our patented Optimize Removal allows for easy and intuitive comparison of offsets between tools to optimize performances and life and compensate for minimizing tool wear
  • 100% Offline tool profile and eccentricity  qualification


Trusted by major tool manufacturers worldwide, Zares guarantees and certifies perfect tool geometry without any downtime issues.

Its steel structure, devoid of plastics, positions it as a standout performer in challenging environments. The robust design ensures efficient operation, even in high-pressure situations.

Notably, all major tool manufacturers rely on Zares to guarantee and certify perfect tool geometry, experiencing zero downtime issues.
Zares has proven to be a trustworthy and resilient solution for maintaining optimal tool performance. 

Thanks to its rapid full 360-degree 3D shape measurement in under 10 seconds, Zares stands as the fastest and most precise measuring machine globally.


The Zares® patented feature OptimizeRemoval® automatically optimizes your tool set by transmitting the optimized tool info directly to your CNC machines.

Increases the speed of your CNC machines to run up to 9m a minute.
Increases the speed of your stone tooling by up to 30%.
Reduces CNC machine set up (and reduce downtime) from 4 hours to less than 5 minutes.
Increases the lifespan of your stone tooling by more than 30%.
Creates a high-quality polish faster than ever across a range of stone types.
Increases efficiencies away from the machine, significantly reducing hand finishing.
Releases the full potential of your CNC machinery!


The ZaresToolsReport® feature allows you to easily manage and mantain all your cnc tools and cones.

Zares indeed boasts the ability to measure the complete geometry of a stone tool, accurately detecting profile nominal deviations, wobbling, eccentricity, and wear.
Its exceptional precision is showcased through a rapid full 360-degree 3D shape measurement, completed in less than 10 seconds.
This has earned Zares the reputation of being the world’s fastest and most precise measuring machine, a validation echoed by hundreds of stone shops and manufacturers incorporating Zares technology into their daily operations.



  • ZARES SRL – Via Sant’Antioco, 68, 56021, Cascina (PI) – ITALY

  • ZARES INC – 110 Portwatch Way #104, Wilmington NC 28412 – USA